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Interesting flying:

Most people would be happy with 1000-1500km in a week.  Well nobody told Tomas Suchanek who managed almost 7000km in a stunning week of flying in the HPH 304 Shark, including a flight of almost 1200km’s at 136 kph !.
A summary of his flights are shown below

Competition News:

2011 will see the HpH 304S Shark competing in competitions worldwide and we will report on its progress here. It is expected that it will perform to the same level as the 304C/CZ has done in recent years:

  • 304S – 9th Place 2011 UK 18M Nationals, Tibenham
  • 304S – 4th Place 2010 Coppa Internazionale Del Mediterraneo
  • 304CZ – 2nd Place 2005 18M Nationals Japan
  • 304CZ – 1st Place 2005 US Sports Class
  • 304CZ – 1st and 2nd Place 2004 Czech Nationals
  • 304CZ – 2nd Place 2003 “Return to KittyHawk” (Transcontinental race across USA)
  • 304CZ – 1st Place 2000 US Sports Class Nationals
  • 304CZ – 2nd Place 1998 US 15M Nationals
  • 304C – 1st Place 2004 Baron Hilton Cup


The HpH 304S Shark currently holds 3 Czech National Records set during 2010. Plans are in place for world record attempts late in 2011 and we expect good things. We will of course update the records held by the Shark here:

  • 304S – Czech Out-and-Return Distance Record = 1048.3Km
  • 304S – Czech Free Out-and-Return Distance Record = 1050.0Km
  • 304S – Czech Speed Record over a 1000km Out-and-Return = 114.8Kph