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Aerocourier ran an article in the last month where the Shark MS (Self Launcher) was independantly reviewed. The Article is in German… before you rush off to buy the magazine !.



Your dealers are just back from the HPH factory and can report a busy manufacturing floor and the obvious excitement of seeing the first two UK airframes now looking very much like sailplanes, albeit with engine, instrument and final assembly work still to do.

Below is a Shark SJ (Jet Sustainer) and also a Shark MS (Self Launch)  - Both destined to come to the UK soon…..


Another Shark MS (Self Launcher)


Happy New year to the Shark enthusiasts who enjoyed flying the sailplane in the UK during 2011. HPH managed to sneak the test flight of another Shark 304 MS into the end of 2011 as can be seen by the pictures below.

Another Shark MS (Self Launcher) getting ready to ship to a customer….



A Shark Jet in the USA  (On N-Reg)