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Your agents were in the factory this week and can report good progress on production of Shark sailplanes for UK customers and other regions.




UK Shark Gliders Ready to Arrive

The first of multiple Shark Sailplanes is almost ready to arrive in the UK (This one a Solo powered self-launcher) , to be followed a few weeks later by a Shark Jet.   Both of these deliveries will be in-line with original customer delivery dates and are both to a high specification with state-of-the-art instrumentation and trailer packages and at very competitive prices.

Is it not time you looked at the Shark..?.. It is difficult to find such a top quality / top performing 18m class sailplane in this price range.

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Jurgen Koch has been very busy in the ALPS during March 2012 and has posted some great flights on the OLC and is now lying second overall, ahead of some excellent pilots.

These were all flown in an 18m SHARK SJ.

In the last few weeks, he has made three flights over 700km  (750, 738 & 725km), and
also several other high scoring flights (643, 539 and 549km).