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The Sun arrives and we have two Shark Sailplanes (One Jet & One Self Launcher)  soaring over the Sussex Countryside…

23/6/12 Waiting for some weather…

A UK Based Shark Jet Rigged and Hangared awaiting some better weather in South East England

Don’t compare Apples with Oranges – Beware the Options !.


So many manufacturers require that you add many thousand of pounds worth of options to get the glider that you really want…. Not HPH, where a Shark basic price includes a high specification already.

Just see what is included in the basic price :-

 - Undercarriage Alarm
- Tailwheel
- Highly effective Disc Brake
- LED Flap position indicator
- Roger Canopy Hook
- Safety cockpit compliant with the latest CS22 standards
- Lifting Panel for easy access
- Full Leather Interior
- Carbonfibre instrument panel
- Pee-Tube  :)
- Fire Detection system (SJ & MS)
- ELT Preparation
- High performance wingtip wheels

The Shark continues to represent the best value on the market, whilst delivering top (> 51:1 measured) performance.

Another Shark Bound for the UK Flies

Yesterday the Factory successfully test flew another Shark bound for the UK… This one a JET Sustainer.

Despite the grey skies, they managed to get the pre-delivery test flying done, and the test pilot said it flew beautifully.


HpH Factory hosts more visitors from the UK

This week, more visitors from the UK were met by Jaroslav, HpH Sailplanes MD at the Kutna Hora factory where the next UK Jet Shark was having its final checks before delivery to its new owner. Whilst we currently have no UK demonstrator available, for those that missed our 2011 UK tour, flying the factory demonstrator is an easy solution, and one we are quite happy to organise. With more visitors traveling to the Czech Republic in coming weeks, contact us soon to make sure you dont miss out on a 2013 delivery slot…


UK Customer Shark JET now ready for first flight!

The next Shark for a UK customer is now complete and ready to make its first flight in the next few days. This Shark will be the FIRST G Registration Jet Glider in the UK EVER, and will be joining the a Shark self launcher delivered to the South of the UK in May 2012. HpH UK have secured further orders for more UK Sharks in the last few weeks following the arrival of G-OHPH. For a no obligation quote for delivery during 2013, please contact us. Your agents will be back in the HpH factory in one weeks time.