Monthly Archives: March 2013



Your agents are getting ready for the next batch of Shark sailplanes which are being built and will begin coming into the UK over the next 6-7 months.

The Shark continues to experience strong acceptance, worldwide, and the factory is busy with continuous shipments secured into 2014.  The Two-seater is also coming together and there has been much discussion as to whether or not to bring it to AERO in April, but after discussion is has been decided that this would have a significant impact on the schedule towards first-flight, so it won’t be there, but two Shark sailplanes will be.

If you are coming to AERO in Friedrichshafen (April 24th – 27th), your UK agents will be there and will be happy to spend time with you, explaining the Shark 18, either in self-launch form, or as a Jet self-sustainer.  We can also even discuss the two-seat Twin-shark with you.

A bit closer to home, we are happy to update you on our trip to the BGA gliding conference, earlier this month.

HPH had the only new-sailplane on display and had LOTS of visitors and this will likely result in some orders for 2014.

Remember that you can come with us to the Factory and fly the Shark.  It can be done in a day, although we would recommend doing it with an overnight stay.  See our Gallery page for some ideas of just how much fun such a trip might be.