HPH are pleased to announce that the HPH Shark has obtained full EASA certification.   


The certificate is shown below.



This applies to the Pure and self launch variants of the Shark Sailplane. Sailplanes of this type will be moving to UK CAA Certificates of Airworthiness and onto the BGA CAMO shortly, as all work to ready this has already been done in anticipation.   For the Jet sustainer variant, clearly the airframe is common so that is all done also.  Only the jet powerplant remains, but in September and also October of 2014, two Jet sustainer solutions became the first to be EASA certified.   The first of these is based in the Czech Republic, very close to HPH and HPH are working with this company to complete the remaining work to support full certification of all Shark sailplanes during 2015.

This has been a long and often difficult road, but HPH and EASA should be congratulated on over seven years of working together with this final result.