About HPH


Who are HPH ?


Jaroslav Potmesil, CEO
 HpH Ltd, are a company long established in the aviation industry. Having been involved with initial construction of the Diamond Dimona, Katana, and more recently the mighty EB29, HpH have gained a reputation for exceptional engineering build quality and attention to detail. In 1997, the HPH company succeeded in gaining the technology and production documentation for the original Glasflügel 304.Production started in 1997 with an updated version of the Glasflügel 304, the HpH 304CZ, which proved very successful both with customers and in competitions. HpH filled a gap in the market producing the HpH304C Wasp, an inexpensive FAI Standard Class version of the 304CZ and both models are highly praised in the gliding community. To date HPH have shipped over 130 sailplanes to customers around the world. HPH have taken all of this knowledge, design & manufacturing know-how to produce a highly competitive sailplane with the “all-new” HpH Shark.

Introducing new dimensions to gliding, and producing a refreshing alternative to the established competition, HPH have already shipped over 30 of the Shark to customers worldwide, including North America, Canada, Australia and throughout Europe, including the UK.


Who are HPH UK ?

HpH UK as the sole agents provide the engineering expertise to ensure your HpH product is maintained, as with all our customers, to the highest standard. We are able to answer all your questions about HpH’s exciting products, and knowing personally the staff at the HpH factory in Czech Republic, we can ensure your order is processed smoothly.



John is the owner and Manager of Essex Sailplanes, a successful glider service and repair business located on the edge of Wormingford Gliding club airfield. John is a BGA Senior Inspector with an excellent reputation for service and quality. 

His is also an experienced glider pilot being one of the few people to have flown both composite and wood gliders from England to France.

He is factory trained by HPH to ensure that your service quality of maintained.