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10 April 2017


HPH Launched its new TwinShark 20m Flapped two seat sailplane at AERO Exhibition, Friedrichshafen, Germany on the 5th April 2017.  This long anticipated sailplane directly competes with the Arcus and the ASG32 and whilst last to the market, incorporates some new features which HPH believe will give the sailplane an edge in this highly popular competition class.

The sailplane has not flown yet, but its first flight is only delayed by paperwork and it is expected that it will take to the skies early in May.

The first sailplane has been built as a self-launching variant as this is the most demanding from a wing loading case. See the TwinShark Tab on this website for more images.




On the Last day of April 2015 and just 15 days after unveiling the FES powered Shark eS, HPH were able to make a successful first flight.

During the flight, the Shark eS was operated with the FES system running without difficulty.  A Great first start.  The glider will be flying most of next week in a competition so more experience will be obtained.




15th April, AERO Friedrichshaven.  HPH launch a new variant of the HPH Shark.

The Shark eS uses mature established Front Electric Sustainer technology to give its customers the choice as to what power system they want to prevent unwanted field landings.

Both systems have real advantages which is why HPH have decided to let the customers choose which they prefer.

More photos will appear here soon, as the Shark eS makes its first test flight.  Your UK agent hopes to fly the Shark eS shortly, and will report on his findings.





The First UK Shark MS has now converted to a CAA CofA and ARC and is operating under the BGA CAMO.  This is the culmination of years of work between HPH and EASA with help from the CZ CAA and in this case from the UK CAA.  It also establishes a proven route to convert a Permit-operating HPH Shark onto a UK CofA.  In practice, once certification was complete the conversion was straightforward and will be much easier going forward.

The Shark Jet uses the same airframe, so only a couple more tests and some paperwork will allow the Shark Jets to convert in the same way. 12 Months on, I hope to be converting the Shark Jets using this same process.




HPH UK will be at the BGA conference on Saturday 7th March 2015.

There is a lot to see this year with many outstanding gliders on display. HPH will be displaying a Shark Jet.  Please come by the stand and take a look at the glider which is taking the UK market by Storm and learn more about the key features which makes this new 18m glider a winner.

Nottingham Belfry.  No Pre-reservation required… Just turn up !.

Hope to see you there.



HPH UK Own glider takes to the Skies


HPH UK now has a Shark Jet, based in the South of the UK.  This glider took to the skies yesterday for the first time and completed a 245km flight at 114kph.

Whilst not new, this glider is fully equipped with LX9000, Flarm and Transponder and lives in a Cobra Trailer.

If you would like to view (and maybe fly) this glider, please get in touch.
























HPH are pleased to announce that the HPH Shark has obtained full EASA certification.   


The certificate is shown below.



This applies to the Pure and self launch variants of the Shark Sailplane. Sailplanes of this type will be moving to UK CAA Certificates of Airworthiness and onto the BGA CAMO shortly, as all work to ready this has already been done in anticipation.   For the Jet sustainer variant, clearly the airframe is common so that is all done also.  Only the jet powerplant remains, but in September and also October of 2014, two Jet sustainer solutions became the first to be EASA certified.   The first of these is based in the Czech Republic, very close to HPH and HPH are working with this company to complete the remaining work to support full certification of all Shark sailplanes during 2015.

This has been a long and often difficult road, but HPH and EASA should be congratulated on over seven years of working together with this final result.




As the numbers of HPH Shark sailplanes in the UK continue to increase, the attached Press Release details a significant enhancement in our ability to support and repair the UK installed base.