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HpH – The beginning…

HpH 304CZ – Single Seat FAI 15M Class Sailplane

The first glider produced by HpH was the 304CZ, which was externally the same as the original version, but benefits from improved construction methods and materials. Special features of the 304CZ are:•Features trailing edge airbrakes – a combination of spoilers and flaps.
•Automatic control hook-ups including ailerons, flaps, dive brakes, elevator and even water ballast system.
•Trim controls integrated into the control column handgrip.
•Elevator, stabilizer, rudder and fin of GRP-Foam-Sandwich
•Forward hinged one-piece canopy
•Optional 17.6M tips.
HpH 304CZ at Dunsfold Airfield, UK – a day out for the glider shortly after the filming of the Bond Film “Casino Royale”

HpH 304C Wasp – Single Seat FAI 15M Standard Class Sailplane

Currently back in production with 2 x 304C’s shipping in 2013 to customers in North America – from EUR55,629

A Standard class version of the 304CZ, suitable for clubs and or those pilots who do not wish to have to worry about flap settings.